6th Annual Nightpiece Film Festival 2019 (Edinburgh Fringe)

Submissions are now open for short films under 15 minutes. Enter via FilmFreeway here.

Bad Caller (Dir: Al Carretta, 2016, 74m)

With Super Bowl 50 stealing the attention of regular late night fans, Taryn Spring, a sassy English live call show host is harassed by a 'bad caller'. A hostage in her own studio, the only way to get help is to get people watching.

Picture: Freya Parsons as Taryn Spring.

Carbon Foxes (Dir: Al Carretta, 2015, 74m)

Marcus and Tia are long established confidence tricksters riding out their luck selling worthless 'Carbon Credits' to vulnerable clients. As the financial investigation into them unravels, their ruthless world implodes.

Picture: Freya Parsons as Tia-Maria Ashbury Wilson.

Automatically Sunshine (Dir: Al Carretta, 2014, 76m)

When authorities step up the hunt for a disavowed intelligence operative and human trafficker, the scale of his operation becomes apparent.

Picture: Clare Scott as Ruth Smith.

A Mass For The Dying (Dir: Al Carretta, 2013, 46m)

Hunted down by a mob and holed up in a panic room, a dying Zimbabwean farmer and ex-soldier confronts his mortality.

Picture: Al Carretta as John Smith.

Super Tuesday (Dir: Al Carretta, 2013, 69m)

Fictional account of the 1960 US Election. As the results pour in Presidential candidate Jack Cassidy faces the reality of vote rigging, corruption and a wife whose going to do everything she can to sabotage his efforts.

Picture: (foreground) Hannah Blaikie as 'Bebe' and Nicola McAdam as 'Mae Cassidy'.

The Devil Made Me Do It (Dir: Al Carretta, 2012, 76m)

Manhattan, New York, 1973. All low level mafia associate Donnie DiMaggio wants to be is funny until he finds out he's the main suspect in the murder of underboss Jimmy De Luca.

Picture: Gabriella Montrose as 'Cora Vincenzo' and Georgina Blackledge as 'Marie Vincenzo'.

Africa In Her Blood (Dir: Al Carretta, 2011, 76m)

Maggie Carter, the young wife of a white Zimbabwean farmer struggles to come to terms with the horrific events that surround her estranged family as they remain in the country.

Picture: Chloe Rose Packer as 'Maggie Carter'.

The Length Of Spring (Dir: Al Carretta, 2010, 71m)

For Charlotte Reata, life is a stage. For Sam Butler, faith in life and faith in love is all he he has. An emotionally charged tragedy 'The Length Of Spring' takes us on a journey of choices and their respective consequences.

Picture: Chloe Rose Packer as 'Electra' with Paul Bridger as 'The Guardian'.

What You See Is What You Get (Dir: Al Carretta, 2010, 79m)

Manhattan, 1974. An intense journey of revenge, this is the story of Donnie D, street smart hood, wannabe entertainer and unofficial manager of the Carousel Club, the backstreet dive that will host Donnie's biggest show to date.

Picture: Paul Bridger as 'Frankie Fredonna, Giovanni Bienne as 'Paulie Fredonna', Al Carretta as 'Donnie DiMaggio', Robin Kirwan as 'Johnny Remo' and Simon Brandon as 'Tony C'.